Climate Change & Reality Intersectionality

Politicians and influencers including the corporate press are pushing for a reduction in man-made CO2 emissions to the extent of cutting back on all animal protein, eliminating the petroleum industry, and drastically reducing our God-given freedoms and rights. We are now being told we must buy electric vehicles, electric stoves, and home heating must be electric w/in the next few years. Saving the planet rests on the shoulders of the US citizens who will make further sacrifices, meanwhile, the only country that is actually on target to meet the goal commitment is the US. China, (the biggest air polluter and waste polluter), continues to ignore all the climate change warnings. Do they have it right and we're the patsy or will they bring on the "Climate Apocalypse" and we all suffer? Here are further critical thinking concepts to better understand what is being pushed on us.

Will there or won’t there be a Recession?

The US has proven over time to be a resilient country much like a family, we've stumbled, had arguments that have turned bloody, turned our backs on each other, and looked down on one another when we shouldn't have, but we've always picked ourselves up and become better people for it. Now we have dozens of people in congress who are incapable of independent thought and do not know how to differentiate between problems that impact our real safety and problems affecting only our emotional safety. We have massive inflation, millions of people refusing to work, millions more coming across our southern border looking for a handout, China openly mocking us, refusing to provide any information on Covid, and then openly spying on us. We have not been creating wealth and growing the economy, we've been only consuming it. In a normal healthy society, there would be a lot of discussion about the ramifications of this massive human migration taking place, how the covid pandemic began, how to stop the next one, and how to block China. We're heading to a tough place, but because of who we are as a society we will triumph.

Climate change questions – Is it time to go back to nature?

The climate change question is now settled science, or so we have been told since before the first term of Obama's presidency. From major hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires to droughts, increasing CO2 and runaway biological methane we are facing an existential threat to our existence and it is the most important issue we face today. Bigger than any terrorist threat from the middle east or cyber-attack from China or Russia. Is this really the case? Are we to believe nothing else matters because regardless of another "911 attack", military coup or financial meltdown the climate will kill us all in short order? As Europe is discovering we must be careful and smart about how we implement changes to our power consumption. It shouldn't be about power generation to the exclusion of all else. Europe has invested heavily in wind and solar power and this year the wind is not as strong as in the past, the result is a drop in power generation capability. Europe's answer to the short gap is to bring on lignite (coal) fired power plants. For the uninitiated, lignite is the dirtiest and cheapest form of coal currently in use. It goes without saying they will not meet the Paris Climate Accords targets for the foreseeable future.

What makes a good economy (How do you define a good economy)?

07/18/2021 What makes a good economy (How do you define a good economy)? Now, more than ever, it seems this is a very pertinent question.  Inflation appears poised to go over the top reminiscent of the Carter years.  The Federal Government is pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and the value of the dollar … Continue reading What makes a good economy (How do you define a good economy)?