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Healthcare, Drama Queens and Us

OK so what the hell is going on w/ all the news media and congress? Have we lost our collective minds.

I watch the traditional TV anchors (MSM) and those who are supposed to just give us the news are having hissy fits and sound more like “Drama Queens” than serious news anchors. The tone is more what I would expect from junior high school students. I’m talking about some of the coverage on the recent health care bill controversy. Apparently Trumps tenure as a president is over after only 65 days and according to Nancy Pelosi, that paragon of negotiation skill, Trump is not ready to join the “Big League” of congressional negotiations. I wonder what she has ever had to negotiate with Obama dictating the health care requirements to a House w/ a super majority membership and a Senate with similar conditions. I guess Ryan should have just said “You’ll have to pass it to find out what is in the bill”.

When you work as hard behind the scenes as Trump did and are met w/ the kind of recalcitrant individuals as you find w/ the “Freedom Caucus” or Speaker Ryan or the entire Democrat Party behind Schumer then just perhaps its better to let them taste and live with the effects of their decisions for a bit so they know how bitter the taste of absolutism can be. This can be a very good way to soften a hard stance and know when the “80%” represents all of us better than the 100% represents a few of us. I’m not sure I know the best answer so I dang well know Schumer and the Freedom Caucus don’t have the answer either. It truly takes people on both sides genuinely working for their constituents and believing that a group of well-intentioned individuals can come up with a better solution than any one person. Obamacare is the result of one individual knowing he was smarter than the rest of the public (you and me) because we were “..too stupid to know what we were signing up for until it is too late”. If I’m not mistaken the “Architect” of Obamacare actually said words to that effect on tape.

Once the “Drama Queens” on the news settle down and move on to the next topic to end all topics congress (both sides) can sit down and work on something the is better for all concerned. As I see it there is no free market in any portion of the health care field, it is all a controlled monopoly approved by the government and given de-facto guidance by insurance companies allowed to operate without competition between the states. Since the health care providers are guaranteed certain fees subsidized in part by the government they jack there prices up so the insurance companies can lower the approved prices back down to a price that on the surface looks like such a great deal. And what if lawyers couldn’t sue unless they could actually prove the doctor was truly incompetent, (believe me I know there are those doctors who should never have received a medical degree and shame on the schools for granting the medical degree to those individuals). It’s a thing called Responsibility and far too many of us in society don’t think it’s something they need to be concerned with because it must apply to someone else – Thank you Democrats.

When you step back and look at the big picture the government wants to take care of all of us. Thank you I like that someone might care for me like that, but seriously the last time I had someone really take care of me like that it was my parents and in order for them to do that they had to impose so many restrictions on me. One of the things I genuinely enjoy is freedom. Freedom of choice and freedom of movement. When has the government ever been able to provide that level of care for the individual in an efficient manner that did not take away all of our freedoms. I can only think of one situation and (tic) I’m not really sure it was real because the Star Trek series was cancelled. It didn’t work in the USSR, (bread lines and all that), is isn’t working in China, (can’t believe in any religion w/o government telling you exactly what the parameters are), don’t think the caliphate even attempts to try so that one isn’t working. Why would anyone in their right mind want Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Elisabeth Warren (aka Phocahontas), John McCain or others like them telling us what is best for all of us. Especially when the free market has done so much better for everyone who has effectively participated in it, (for reference look at the general wellbeing of the US as opposed to every other nation). There is no perfect scenario so before anyone starts throwing stones and individual warts of the US, it’s hard to argue against the fact that we have grown faster from absolutely nothing than any other nation and we help more people outside our country than any other country.