Climate Change & Reality Intersectionality

Politicians and influencers including the corporate press are pushing for a reduction in man-made CO2 emissions to the extent of cutting back on all animal protein, eliminating the petroleum industry, and drastically reducing our God-given freedoms and rights. We are now being told we must buy electric vehicles, electric stoves, and home heating must be electric w/in the next few years. Saving the planet rests on the shoulders of the US citizens who will make further sacrifices, meanwhile, the only country that is actually on target to meet the goal commitment is the US. China, (the biggest air polluter and waste polluter), continues to ignore all the climate change warnings. Do they have it right and we're the patsy or will they bring on the "Climate Apocalypse" and we all suffer? Here are further critical thinking concepts to better understand what is being pushed on us.

Dangerous times – Freedom beware!

Our country was established on the basis that no individual should be oppressed by the government and in fact, the government should be the one to protect individuals from being oppressed by groups of individuals. This was a radical idea at the time because it was just an accepted fact that certain people were better at deciding what was best for everyone else; they were the privileged few, the Ruling class, the Monarchy, Emperor, Dictator, etc. To think anyone not in this group could properly rule themselves was nothing short of absurd. Our Founding Fathers worked hard to fashion a government with checks and balances necessary to protect the individual from being overrun by the government to the point of the 2nd amendment. Never in a million years did they contemplate the one thing capable of bringing down our form of government - a free and independent press being corrupted by the government. Dangerous times - Freedom beware! Delves into this idea a little further.

Equity vs Equality or Mediocrity vs Equality

In this current administration, we've seen a significant increase in the number of officials who are ill-prepared to either complete the task at hand or look out for the welfare of the US citizen. We are faced with major developing problems that should never have been more than a minor inconvenience. World migration patterns have changed, a threat of economic collapse, worldwide pollution is increasing, and the threat of war on a global scale is now a possibility. The glue that has been holding things together has been weakened in the name of inclusion, diversity, and equity. No longer are the best, most experienced of us being put in charge of operating critical programs, now it takes the right skin tone, gender, and sexual preference.

Are we better off with Equity or Equality?

09/02/2021 A number of people on the left, progressives and the Press, (redundant I know), are making a point of transposing Equity and Equality.  Seems reasonable right?  Not really, Equity involves a sense of fair play, parity, evenhandedness.  With Equity, you have similar results regardless of the prevailing conditions.  This may appear to be reasonable … Continue reading Are we better off with Equity or Equality?

What do Mothers Represent?

Dedicated to Christina 05/09/2021 Mothers are the embodiment of Love, a Sense of peace, a Timeout from the craziness of life, a Place of perspective.  God has given mothers a special place in this world.  From mothers we learn about strength, sometimes physical strength but most often strength-of-character.  When faced with overwhelming obstacles and attacks … Continue reading What do Mothers Represent?

What happens to Colleges when market economics hit home

Recently I read an interesting article by a college advisor on his perspective of current trends in the universities and colleges.  “It's Time to Worry When Colleges Erase Humanities Departments” by Willard Dix.   I found this a very thoughtful and reasoned article.  With all the emoting going on in the news and social media it … Continue reading What happens to Colleges when market economics hit home

What would life be like without extra magnification of manufactured drama?

09/02/2017 It's been a short time since the last commentary article, a lot has been happening during this time but there has been much less inane stupidity coming out to the press during this time.  So, what's been happening to reduce some of this?  Hurricane Harvey came to visit, a seemingly small event which took … Continue reading What would life be like without extra magnification of manufactured drama?

This Idea called “The United States of America”: Grow it or Lose it

08/17/2017 Is today’s society mature enough to understand it? Roughly 240 years ago a group of people came together with a radically new idea for government.  An idea that heretofore had only been thought about in the most simplistic of terms and had lasted about as long and tried on the very smallest number of … Continue reading This Idea called “The United States of America”: Grow it or Lose it

Incentives: what’s the incentive? – define the argument!

08/01/2017 Incentives: what’s the incentive? – define the argument!    Ever wondered why someone takes a particular stance on a subject, or why a group of individuals argue for something when the data suggests something totally contrary?  I'll bet a lot of people haven't because the other side is just plain wrong.  For the vast … Continue reading Incentives: what’s the incentive? – define the argument!