Is there a party of Hate?

02/16/2021 We've seen and experienced a significant change in American society in the US over the past 12 years. There has been a significant yet subtle increase in the divisiveness of political philosophies as well as a furthering of class warfare. For a time we were all working together whether you embraced the liberal, conservative, … Continue reading Is there a party of Hate?

What is America – The Grand Experiment

11/09/2020 This article is about a subject that has become a source of great division within the country.  It is a very sensitive subject, one that I truly feel a need to discuss but also, I want to treat it with respect and sensitivity.  If you read through the articles I've written over the last … Continue reading What is America – The Grand Experiment

To Poll or not to Poll ……

10/17/2020 As curious people, we all love getting answers to questions and if we can get the answers ahead of time or before anyone else then so much the better.  Given this, it makes complete sense that we really want to know who is going to be elected this November 3rd, hence our reliance on … Continue reading To Poll or not to Poll ……

Trump’s Economy

10/03/2020 The discussion of the health of the economy seems to take many different forms.  My last article dealt with the progression of the economy from the Bush years through the Obama years and finishing with Trump.  In it, I laid out the argument the current economy has everything to do with Trump's policies of … Continue reading Trump’s Economy

Who’s Economy? Trump v Obama

09/17/2020 Well, you can tell people are beginning to feel better about their situation again.  The great market debate is coming around again, we're not just talking about masks/no masks, China Flu or opening the restaurants for indoor dining.  The conversation of late is whether the economy is a result of President Trump's efforts or … Continue reading Who’s Economy? Trump v Obama

What does it mean to be an American?

Given the dialogue in the media of late, it would appear America is nothing more than a group of disorganized immigrants with nothing in common other than coming from another country where everyone is poor and the only opportunity for them to improve is to come to the US of America, (remember America includes Mexico … Continue reading What does it mean to be an American?