Where is our Press? Working for the government

We have an increasingly divided two-tier justice system, criminals are not prosecuted, political opponents have been indicted, overseas bank accounts have been arbitrarily ceased, entire countries have lost confidence in the dollar, our biggest adversary insults our President and top government officials with impunity, wild claims are made about the imminent destruction of the planet because of an unspecified climate calamity and half to 3/4ths of the press corp refuses to do any investigative reporting. Somehow we've managed to elect a cognitively impaired Senator, and a presidential candidate who is obviously cognitively impaired is elected even when he couldn't fill a small high school gym with the highest number of votes ever received over an incumbent with a proven record who filled large stadiums every time he spoke and no one in the press corp is even interested in the possibility of voter fraud? We have entered Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and if we don't find our way out we will lose our standing in the world and our standard of living will drop significantly. The press isn't capable of doing their jobs anymore so we must. Think Critically in the upcoming election cycle.

Strength of the American Culture

The Strength of America is in our fierce drive for freedom of speech, independence, original thought and desire to help others. We accomplish this by openly discussing issues and coming to terms with disagreements, we find common ground in our disagreements to move forward and find better solutions. This idea is currently under attack from outside forces and inside forces attempting to make us doubt ourselves and less of a positive influence for individual freedoms. One way to combat this is through articles like this that challenge you to critically think and another is through our elections. We have an important election coming sooner than you might think and it's time to learn about the candidates. Unfortunately, corporate (mainstream) media will be of little help simply due to the fact they don't tell both sides of the story. Here are a few considerations. (hopefully obvious)

Not what you do but what you say

01/31/2023 Wait… What?  I think that's backward to what most of us learned or maybe it just doesn’t matter.  That's what the current administration and Congress seem to be doing and unfortunately, this is becoming the norm.  It certainly isn't being reported by our protected class of reporters and journalists.  Most of us growing up … Continue reading Not what you do but what you say

Where did the Leader of our Republic go?

The US is unique among all the countries in the world, either now or over time. Our understanding of ruling the country is based on the very simple concept of By the People and For the People. Few countries have come close to this ideal but none have duplicated it to the extent we have. Until recently we successfully integrated every culture that wanted to live here and was able to make them a functioning part of our republic. As we begin our next election cycle think very carefully about who you will vote for. Will they be a leader with a conviction or a manager subject to the latest polls and political wind, driven by a prejudiced media? We clearly do not have a leader now. Personally, I'm not interested in voting for someone who will make decisions for my own good that I should make for myself.

Climate change questions – Is it time to go back to nature?

The climate change question is now settled science, or so we have been told since before the first term of Obama's presidency. From major hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires to droughts, increasing CO2 and runaway biological methane we are facing an existential threat to our existence and it is the most important issue we face today. Bigger than any terrorist threat from the middle east or cyber-attack from China or Russia. Is this really the case? Are we to believe nothing else matters because regardless of another "911 attack", military coup or financial meltdown the climate will kill us all in short order? As Europe is discovering we must be careful and smart about how we implement changes to our power consumption. It shouldn't be about power generation to the exclusion of all else. Europe has invested heavily in wind and solar power and this year the wind is not as strong as in the past, the result is a drop in power generation capability. Europe's answer to the short gap is to bring on lignite (coal) fired power plants. For the uninitiated, lignite is the dirtiest and cheapest form of coal currently in use. It goes without saying they will not meet the Paris Climate Accords targets for the foreseeable future.

Is there a ruling class in America?

08/11/2021 Every day you hear someone in the news telling us with the utmost confidence how we are a racist society, or black people are being murdered in the streets by the police.  Perhaps, it's about our education system isn't really teaching our kids the dark side of our history, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington … Continue reading Is there a ruling class in America?

What Kind of a Country …..?

07/28/2021 What kind of a country just stands by while its citizens live in squalor, begging from others when 9m jobs go unfilled every day?  What kind of a country that fought a kinetic war to free all people from slavery and then fought a psychological war of ideals, (the Civil Rights marches), to maintain … Continue reading What Kind of a Country …..?