Independent Thinkers and a Questionable Media


How is it the Progressives are so uninformed about the hopes and desires of the people in the US?  About our concerns and worries, about what it takes to continue being the greatest example of what people can be.  After all don’t they have access to polling results? Aren’t we inundated with surveys about what our concerns are, about what we think is necessary to improve our lives?  The answer is Yes they have access to all of this and more and I believe they use it.  But, I believe somewhere in their research they have come to the conclusion they can change our perception of the world around us by denying it and labeling it uninformed because of racism or anti-vaxer’s or anti-science, anti-whatever the subject is.  It is as simple as ridiculing the idea and shaming the individual.  The latest issue concerning CRT actually began a number of years ago when a group of college professors proposed a theory about the origins of this country and how it was a place of refuge for a few individuals wanting to establish a place where they could own slaves.  The 1619 project began a few years later and from that, the concept of White Fragility was used to justify the 1619 project and ridicule anyone who opposed the idea.  Supposedly we weren’t comfortable hearing the complete unabridged story about how ugly slavery was and what happened to the slaves.  It didn’t matter that actual history was just as bad but told a far different story.  The story of how men and women, black and white, of good conscious and moral character, came together under a document and found a way to overcome the objections of the Democrats to defeat slavery.  And later to overcome the systemic prejudice of the Democrat party suppressing the blacks and other minorities in the 50s and 60s.   These professors found a couple journalists at the New York Times as well as author Nikole Hannah-Jones, to feel as though they were victims or guilty about their own good fortune ignoring the fact many minorities had succeeded even better than they had and convinced them to write stories pushing the white fragility/CRT concept just to assuage their guilt feelings.  Along the way, they managed to immerse our educational system with feelings of guilt from these ideas.  Politicians saw an opportunity in this line of thinking and decided to capitalize on it. 

It’s not just the CRT story but the vaccination mandate, paying individuals not to work, the open border that isn’t, the existential threat of climate change/green new deal that doesn’t follow science, inflation, and the benefits of unlimited spending, where the progressive democrats with the help of the media tell us we don’t understand the science or social pressures.  Listening to the rhetoric from the MSNBC & CNN news anchors and commentators, especially the political pundits, give us their interpretations of the polls it’s easy to see how the occasional viewer is misled.  Some of the liberal commentators like Geraldo Rivera & Juan Williams really do believe what the pundits have been saying and this just seems to add credibility to the narrative.  How can we combat these false narratives? What is it going to take to check stories being put forth?  We’ve grown up learning to trust the FBI, after all, they’re not partisan, are they?  They’re supposed to be protecting us against the forces intending to take us down so when do you know there might be something questionable going on?  After reviewing the last 4 1/2 years of news reports I’ve noticed that at least regarding MSNBC & CNN you will get the whole story but for the longest time, we only heard one scenario at a time.  Only after 6-10 months will we begin to hear another side of the story from them.  Wasn’t this side of the story present the whole time?  The answer is yes but they didn’t relay any of that information until it was old news, which should make you question them.  So when you see only one narrative with no counter-argument you know something is not right.  That is to be expected from the political party that benefits the most but when the press echo’s that very same narrative with no push back you should suspect there’s a turd in the punchbowl.   That’s where it is vital to begin critically thinking about the narrative and look for alternative counter-arguments.  How could Trump be a racist when he backed legislation to look at all the cases where blacks were put in jail at higher rates than whites for lesser crimes? How could Trump be a misogynist if he has put more women in roles of authority than the entire Clinton or Obama administrations, or even Bush’s administration?  Trump also paid women more than even Hillary’s staff.  Then there are the unemployment/employment numbers for minorities and women.  Hispanics, blacks, and women all saw their employment numbers increase dramatically, are these the actions of a White Supremacist?  All this information is readily available even for the casual observer.  You may not like the rhetoric coming from Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, or Neil Cavuto but they don’t fail to bring up the counter-argument and as critically thinking adults, who don’t require a “safe space”, you can recognize there is more than one side to the story unlike Christiane Amanpour, Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. 

When it comes to the border crossing and you hear Alejandro Mayorkas claim the southern border is closed even though literally millions of people are crossing the border at the same time you understand this is a complete fabrication and anything coming from him is a lie.  The very next question should be what kind of effect is that going to have on the rest of society.  If you see very little follow-up in the news then a red flag should appear in your mind.  This news source is not reliable and you shouldn’t rely on them to provide any real information to make an informed opinion from. 

After four years of hearing, Trump had colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election documents are now coming out saying it originated within the Clinton campaign, but the news media claimed there were no such documents and what they reported was all fact.  There was no investigation by reporters from the traditional corporate media in fact a couple of reporters received awards for their inaccurate reporting during this time.  How is it they still have credibility in any of their reporting?

The political elites have been driving the direction of this country since Bill Clinton stepped into the office of the Presidency.  The news media have attempted to bring legitimacy to the various narratives and they are not investigating the stories any further than what it takes to justify the political elites.  The actions of these few individuals have been slowly obfuscating what has made this country the most amazing example of human ingenuity, freedom, individualism, inclusion, and growth the world has ever seen.  What possible motivation, other than a conspiracy theory, would possess them to undertake this destructive narrative?  The answer is simple, the more independent and free-thinking a society is the harder it is to control them.  When the focus is on control you must create chaos and division so you can step in and offer stability and security under your own terms.  The concept behind CRT is the antithesis of what Martin Luther King fought for and is the surest way to create division.  The trillions of dollars being pumped into the economy create dependency on the government.  The fear generated behind the vaccine mandate creates further division.  Together we are stronger as a nation, divided we will fall apart.  Those that want to control your life will attempt to convince you of almost anything that leads to classism and division.  As we prepare for the upcoming election cycle we must evaluate each candidate and each proposal they make through the prism of freedom, individualism, and unity.  We must also look at the news reports with the same scrutiny and skepticism. 

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