The Politics of the Pandemic and the Consequences


As information about the Wuhan Virus is coming to light we are learning more about our politicians and our press and it’s less than encouraging.  From that first meeting debacle between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer in the oval office you could tell from the Speaker’s demeanor she would do anything possible to make President Trump “pay” for not showing her the respect she believed she deserved.  Because she thinks in terms of status quo and personal control, while Trump thinks in terms of performance and the best impact for the most people, she has had a difficult time restricting the results of his actions.  She finally found a way to tarnish Trump with the Wuhan Virus, (CoVID 19 for those beholding to China).  In Feb 2020 she fired her first significant salvo when she went on a Chinatown tour to convey the message there was nothing to worry about, no need to be an alarmist recommending everyone wear masks.  Trump was just being Xenophobic for shutting down travel from China and Europe. 

By July 29, 2020 Nancy had an epiphany when she called the Wuhan virus The Trump Virus” in an interview with Ari Melber, as she lobbied for approval of her bill “The Heroes Act”.  She described the bill as having three main pillars designed to help all of us.  Since most of the three main pillars plus a fourth pillar were already underway she was changing the narrative away from Trump’s successes and the interviewer was more than willing to go along with her.  We were already honoring our first responders by providing them with all the resources they would need.  Remember the hospital ships and overflow medical facilities the federal government stood up almost overnight?  Remember the retooling of our manufacturing facilities to pump out more PPE and ventilators, including the 3D printing of critical parts of the ventilators? Then there’s the effort to find treatments to handle the virus while the fourth pillar, (not a part of her bill), was being developed.  What was the fourth pillar?  Legislative changes streamlining the FDC procedures for reviewing and testing the safety of any vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical companies and then pre-approving the purchase of millions of doses so the companies would expedite their development.  Nancy and the democrats only wanted to throw money at the problem so they could claim to be doing something to solve the problem.  They didn’t want to actually do something because then you’re responsible for the results. 

The second pillar involved opening the economy through testing, tracing, treating, and an extensive ad campaign.  By this time Trump was already working to determine the extent of the virus through testing, standing up the emergency medical treatment facilities, and encouraging pharmaceutical companies to analyze and develop treatments.  Without the infusion of politics into the conversation we would have had a national dialog about treatment methodologies and who is the most vulnerable in our society.  With this type of national dialog Nancy’s third pillar becomes a minor issue.  People would have been able to get back to work sooner knowing the combination of isolating the most vulnerable among us and using individual treatments to minimize the symptoms until the vaccines became available, would slow the virus significantly. 

When dealing with a virus medical professionals understand the virus is very adaptable and will mutate just as the flu virus has done every year for as long as I can remember.  The goal in treating the virus is to mitigate the seriousness and protect the most vulnerable of the population.  Somehow along the way we have forgotten this principle and have been discussing eliminating the Wuhan flu entirely.  Success in treating this virus should be measured in terms of a reduction in the severity of the symptoms as it impacts the most vulnerable of our society.  When considered in these terms we have shown great success.  Add to this the breakthroughs in technology for treating these kinds of diseases we have done amazingly well in a fraction of the time it took for previous infection episodes such as the Swine Flu.  Rather than focus on these issues, the narrative has changed from one of hope and optimism to one of abject fear and segregation.  Now we are told that the virus must be eliminated as if it was like the polio infection.  The focus from the politicians is how deadly the Wuhan Flu is instead of how the severity has been muted along with the mortality.  They want to focus on mandating a vaccine regardless of your immunity and if you don’t receive the vaccine then you don’t deserve to work, you don’t deserve medical attention, and definitely don’t deserve any financial assistance from the government.  We are segregating an entire section of our population and for what reason?

Approximately 65% of our total population has been vaccinated with at least 1 dose, (including those under the age of 12), 75% of the population over the age of 18, and 95% of the population over the age of 65.  According to the initial estimates, this should be well on our way to herd immunity.  We have a very robust immune system which through T cells and B cells has the ability to learn and remember what we have been infected with so it will mount a robust and vigorous response to future infections of similar strains.  In addition, the youngest of our population, (those under the age of 18) show less than 0.1% chance of having serious symptoms from the Wuhan virus.  These factors alone negate the real-life need for a mandate of either vaccines or masks.  Another aspect that does not receive enough attention is the mRNA methodology for creating the vaccines.  There are no long-term studies available for the potential side effects of the vaccine nor is there a study available of the near-term side effects on the general population although we are seeing anecdotally some health risks from the vaccine.  Until these issues can be studied the vaccines must be limited in use to only those who are at higher risk, such as over 45 or co-morbidity conditions.  We have seen anecdotal evidence of temporary loss of the use of limbs, swelling of the heart immediately after the vaccine was taken.  Until these have been studied it would be irresponsible to require everyone to take the vaccine.  We live in a free and open society, so it is imperative this information be easily made available for all of us to make our own informed decisions.  The science conclusively demonstrates young healthy adults are at a low risk of contracting a dangerous strain of the Wuhan virus and the science also shows that after taking the vaccine the population most at risk will have minor nonlife-threatening symptoms.

Is this Pandemic the real thing?  Unequivocally yes, but the ego of a few people have kept rational heads from discussing the real impact of the disease, and discussing treatments, not just cures.  As a consequence, thousands of people have died, (New York comes to mind).  Anecdotally, hundreds of people are dealing with debilitating side effects from either the disease or the vaccine.  This can mostly be laid at the feet of Nancy and those politicians that saw an opportunity to capitalize on a possible weakness of an opponent.  The news media anchors like Neal Cavuto, Joy Reid, Don Lemon to name a few are also complicit because they acted like doctors and failed to do any kind of research or critical thinking early on, instead they jumped on the bandwagon.  They succumbed to the emotions and allure of the politicians.  The result: their constituents and customers have suffered greatly.  Fear is as high now as it was during the Cuban missile crisis or at the peak of the cold war with Russia.  Treatments that could have mitigated the severity of symptoms were withheld for fear of ridicule and social retribution.  It’s time to hold those politicians accountable for their actions, recognize these people are not interested in how their actions impact the rest of us, and when they tell us it’s for our own good they’re only thinking about how it will benefit them.  It’s time to be disgusted with the news anchors for treating their customers like morons by pushing only one side of the argument and not presenting both sides even if they slant it. 

Finally, it’s time to communicate respectfully with our politicians to let them know we are involved in what they are doing and voting on.  This is a representative government that holds up the ideals of freedom and independence but only for as long as OUR representatives understand we care, otherwise we’ll end up with the socialist tyranny a few of them are pushing.  Two final thoughts:  1) As viruses mutate they tend to become less severe as a matter of survival since the deadlier variants die off, so this virus is becoming just like the flu and an annual variant-specific booster will become the norm, 2) In the 50s and 60s chickenpox was risky for adults but children generally only suffered a couple days discomfort at the most so, parents would have chicken pox parties.  Were they irresponsible or horrible human beings?  They honestly looked at the information available and determined it was better to contract chickenpox as a child and build up their immune system than contract it as an adult.  That’s good parenting!  I’ve had 1 flu shot in the last 17 years when I was immune-compromised from chemotherapy, except for possible mild symptoms I haven’t suffered from the flu in the last 5 years.  Do you think there might be something to building up the immune system?  I am not advocating against the Wuhan vaccine, it has tremendously helped our society and saved untold lives.  I am advocating for intelligent application of the vaccine and the mass forced vaccinations being implemented are not appropriate even though a few people are on the verge of panic because of the hysteria being put forth for political reasons.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  I hope it was interesting and stimulated some critical thinking.  You’ll find most of the statistical information on the CDC website. Please, pass it on.

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