Is there a ruling class in America?


Every day you hear someone in the news telling us with the utmost confidence how we are a racist society, or black people are being murdered in the streets by the police.  Perhaps, it’s about our education system isn’t really teaching our kids the dark side of our history, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had slaves on their estates.  The next story might be how our environment is falling apart with very little chance to repair it.  Then we switch channels and hear the exact opposite story from someone else.  Who has time to investigate all the stories?  So we stick to just one line of thought because we like that news anchor.  Too many of them have ulterior motives which won’t help their story line if you knew it.  Here are a couple items pulled from recent headlines and some different ways to look at them.

In today’s culture, a casual observer could place everyone they met into one of two categories.  You can name these categories any number of ways depending on what you want to emphasize in your argument, but I like to group people into those who actively go out and live life and those who let life live them.  This has been true since before North America was ever colonized and it’s still very true today.  When North America was first colonized people from Europe, (referred to as “commoners”), had become tired of a ruling class telling them they couldn’t survive without the guidance provided by the elites.  They weren’t smart enough to live and prosper without the ruling class giving them instruction but for that privilege, they had to donate a small pittance to the ruling class so they could meet their basic needs.  The people who came to the North American continent in order to get away from someone telling them how to live and what to think are the people who live life.  They aren’t satisfied with the status quo, they’re always trying to improve things for themselves and those around them.  The ones left behind in Europe are the ones who let life live them.  They were the ones who let someone else define them, whether it’s oppressor or oppressed it doesn’t matter they are the victims and have no control in their lives.  This country was started from an idea of independence where it was not necessary or wanted to have someone define them, this is not a country begun from some rich ruling class members deciding they wanted a country where they could create a slave state as the founders of the 1619 project would tell you.  These were tough-minded individuals who recognized people for their merits, not the color of their skin as some would have you believe.

 This country has had a good run since it was first colonized but we have slowly regressed to, once again, face the same conditions that forced the colonists to leave Europe initially.  In truth, the only thing that has changed over the last 500 years are the names used by the ruling class for their subjects and the size of the donations required by the ruling class.  Today we have Oppressors, Oppressed, 1 percenters, White Fragility to name a few.  Our elected officials kneel before a statue of a slave in Emancipation Hall and our police officers, hired by those elected officials, are vilified for stopping criminals acting out against the “commoners”.  Our educators are teaching that contrary to the teachings of Martin Luther King the color of a man’s skin is more important than his character.  If we succeed it’s not because of any individual effort but because we have just the right amount of melanin in our skin.  Critical Race Theory teaches us we are born racist and lack the willpower to change our racist tendency’s or we can’t empathize with another person’s situation, we can only see what’s on the outside.  When looked at from this perspective it is rather absurd but this is what our ruling class expects us to accept.  They have become tone-deaf to the principles America was built on, likely because of an extremely poor educational system as a whole.  We see this playing out every day in the news.  Rep Cori Bush stands in front of the cameras and tells us all to “Suck it up” in her words, the police must be defunded and yes she’ll use taxpayer funds to pay for her private security to protect her while another child is murdered in her district because there aren’t enough police.  Her justification? Black people are dying at the hands of the police even though statistics show more police died last year than criminals of color or non-criminals of color. 

In today’s society, many of us grew up hearing about Martin Luther King and what he stood for.  His speeches were not a mystery.  They weren’t filled with doublespeak and careful wordsmithing so that we didn’t have to worry about what the definition of is, is. The people listening to his speech knew exactly what he meant and his message was always good and positive, not just for blacks and minorities because he spoke to everyone, for the benefit of everyone, not just that select few white people and minorities who act like they are ready to do the bidding of the few ruling class elites.  Because of teachers like Martin Luther King, many of us grew up believing that it didn’t matter what color you were you had an opportunity to succeed.  And succeed many people did, like Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Lawrence Jones to name a few.  What a different message our young people are being taught now by the great mental giants like Reverend Al Sharpton, Cory Booker, Cori Bush, and Maxine Waters.  When you hear about someone being honored for some great achievement that has helped others or accomplished what no one else has been able to we learned to congratulate that person and feel good about what they’ve accomplished not what color they are or where they come from.  The color of a person’s skin truly makes no difference.  We are all better off because of those people’s accomplishments and anyone who detracts from that has lost sight of the real meaning of this country and of life in general.  Ask yourself the question: Do I really want to follow this person’s lead?  Are these anchors really interested in the betterment of our lives or are they just looking to score points with the people who seem to control the power for now? 

Not so interested in racism, CRT, or white fragility invading our schools and our daily lives, you’re interested in the environment?  Then you’ll appreciate Mr. Kerry’s efforts on your behalf.  He is now telling us we need to live without fossil fuels because he claims we are on an irreversible trend of rising temperatures caused by man, and we may not be able to reverse it now.  However, note the fact he uses a private jet to transport himself all over the world instead of readily available public transportation.  So he needs his fossil fuels but the rest of us will have to go without so he can live in the luxury he has become accustomed to.  Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe how bad this is but the progressive left no longer cares about hypocrisy they do it anyway because they’re looking out for what is best for all of us whether we agree or not.  So hypocrisy aside, Mr. Kerry leaves out of his talking points the fact that if the US were to magically eliminate all emissions tomorrow we would impact less than 1% of the world’s emissions.  In addition, the actual temperature change from the ’40s until now is very close to zero. So this environmental emergency hysteria is helpful for us exactly how?

There are so many other examples around us of the left attempting to control us that I could go on forever, so I’ll save those for another article.  In the meantime, as you listen to the news anchors start asking a few basic questions about whether their comments ring true or ring manipulative.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, I am truly honored you would do that.  Pass this on to your friends, we can and will make this a better country by questioning the “authorities”.  If you include your e-mail address you’ll receive a copy of my articles and you won’t be inundated with e-mails every day, only once every couple of weeks. – Thanks

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