What’s happening to our Freedoms


Freedom is an inalienable right of every human on the face of the earth and no other human has the right to deny that freedom to any other human.  But this freedom carries with it an inherent responsibility for every citizen to keep it up and defend it against those who would deny it to anyone.  As citizens living in and being a part of the freest country on earth and arguably the freest of all time we must nurture it and feed it to help it stay alive and grow.  Just like any good marriage, you can’t automatically assume that once set in motion it will function on its own without maintenance.  Inevitably assumptions are made, then conclusions are drawn, and actions are taken and results of the actions will determine if it will survive or not.  As Benjamin Franklin famously said when asked what they had created he responded, “A Republic, madam if you can keep it”.  We have fought hard to keep it over the ensuing years, weathered many storms such as the war of 1812, the civil war, FDR’s bold new deal, McCarthyism, Jim Crow laws, the Great Depression, 2 world wars, several international “police actions” and numerous internal riots.   With each storm, we survived and even flourished because we are able to freely “cuss” and discuss the issues openly.  In the end, we understood the benefit of the Republic, that we are all citizens united with the same underlying ideals of freedom.  We all may not have liked the final answer but being free only meant we needed a better argument to prevail if the choice was not ours.  The underlying ideals of freedom required independent thought and speech, an open society where an independent press willingly looks at both sides of an issue knowing some people might disagree with them but that was not only good but healthy.  This Republic of ours is once again facing a significant storm which may feel like the “crisis to end all crises”, but know that it is solvable just like all the other crises we’ve faced.  In our current crisis, there is a pandemic of global proportions, diametrically opposite change in government administrative philosophies from the previous administration, and an absolute explosion in technology, unlike anything we have ever experienced.

The pandemic was unleashed upon us as a result of another country, China, experimenting with gain-of-function on the covid virus.  The solution to this problem required fast action, innovation, and open discussion to identify the problem and determine possible courses of action.  All of which was made possible because we still have a free and open society and at the time, someone in charge who knew how to lead.  When a change of leadership occurs in the republic system we have it is always a smooth transition because the Founding Fathers built a system of governance that keeps everything structured and consistent like a good foundation for your home.  Some people will tell you it is broken and non-functioning so they can change it.  They’ll tell you our constitution is a living breathing document and must be updated from time to time but that’s only because they’re frustrated they can’t get more people to go along with their generally bad, unworkable ideas.  We’ve just gone through one of the most substantial changes in administrative philosophies I’ve ever experienced going from a free-market capitalist ideal to socialist ideals and everything is working as it was designed.  There are effective checks and balances in place to keep us from going too far over the edge and after 2 years if we don’t like the direction we are headed we will make the necessary adjustments.

The challenge of the tech explosion is arguably the most difficult aspect of our current “crisis to end all crises”.  The expansion of technology has brought about new ways to communicate and transmit the news of the world.  The upside is new sources of information are available for everyone to access which makes it difficult to hide the truth.  We can now have more extensive conversations about any of the issues we face and come together for a better solution, at least that’s the theory.  The downside is because of limited platforms for these conversations the temptation for greedy corporate executives to sensor the discussion and conform them to their personal narrative is very high.  Some of the technology is so new we have yet to build any competition and so a few drivers in the social platform area are monopolizing the discussion and eliminating what they don’t like.  Couple that with the fact we are in an age where the lessons of our youth included no adversity but did include a homogenous array of ideas.  When confronted with new ideas that don’t conform, these newly minted graduates don’t know how to deal with the conflict, so they don’t, they just adjust their algorithms to eliminate it.  In earlier times progress was slow enough we were able to respond to potential censorship before it became widespread, but the technology has advanced so quickly we are still working to understand how far these people will go in censoring ideas.  Journalism, as practiced from the time of Benjamin Franklin, has gone out the window.  Benjamin Franklin wrote that “…the Belief that when Men differ in Opinion, both Sides ought equally to have the Advantage of being heard by the Publick; and that when Truth and Error have fair Play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter. ….”.  Now it would appear conventional media takes the approach any opinion other than theirs is abhorrent and reflects only lies. 

A major strength of our Republic is the strength of our freedom of speech and it is this freedom which is at the root of our ability to overcome all the storms we face on a regular basis.  When you observe other countries you realize this freedom sets all the countries who practice it apart from those who do not.  Why?  Because at the heart is a basic truth, you know you believe in freedom of speech when you are willing to defend the speech you cannot stand.  When despicable comments like those of LeBron James from last week, (since deleted), threatening the police involved in the tragic shooting of the teenage girl, (caption to a picture of the policeman – “You’re next”), our freedom of speech allowed him to make it and also allowed others to point out how little self-awareness he actually has.  And it is this same freedom that will eventually bring to light the simple fact actions have consequences whenever weapons are involved and when “recognized and accepted” authorities are ignored, bad things tend to happen – always tragic.  This is a necessary conversation we are having as a society, and when we maintain our freedom of speech then “Truth will always overmatch Error“. 

The difficulty with our present storm is the time it takes for the Truth to overcome the Error, especially when there is a seemingly coordinated effort to suppress, (censor), the truth.  It has taken 3 years to completely expose the lie told about President Trump and Crossfire Hurricane.  Part of the delay in determining the extent of this lie was discovering the amount of censorship taking place, eventually, this was overcome, and the truth has come out.  Not only that but because of our freedoms, our independence, and our capitalistic nature we are building new platforms to make it harder for censorship to occur on a social platform ever again.  It will still happen as we’ve found out from the studies concerning the Covid 19 pandemic and treatment methodologies that have recently been re-introduced.  As we push our press, as we ask questions, as we insist on learning what they don’t want us to hear we find the truth.  This is part of the cost of freedom even to the point of standing up to the public shaming associated with asking simple questions like when our breath goes through and around the loosely fitting mask how is the virus stopped?  Answer: It isn’t stopped in spite of fancy discussions about how a small virus travels in an erratic pattern so the much larger weave pattern will still stop it.  Standing up to social shaming is exposing the obscure and out-of-touch Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.   It takes individual courage and a personal determination to assert a little Critical Thinking to come out and speak against this obscure and out-of-touch idea that anyone who has a certain color of skin is automatically a racist.  It is the epitome of an oxymoron to claim you are a racist if you speak out against these racists ideas since only a racist would make such a statement.  These are the ideas Benjamin Franklin spoke about and as long as we do not allow the government or social media tyrants to dictate to us what we can and cannot think or say then they will be discredited.  With a little fortitude and some Critical Thinking, truth will win out.  Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  My hope is it provided some thought-provoking ideas to question the issues around us.  Please send me your thoughts whether you agree or not for that is how we refine our solutions to problems around us and hit the follow button to include your e-mail and receive each new article.

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