What’s good is bad, What’s bad is good:


In the US our basic nature is that of an independent people.  We are innovators who do things independently instead of following someone else.  This country started out like that when the Puritans left Europe because they didn’t want the Church of England telling them how to worship their God.  Next, the “Commoners” in England grew tired of the ruling class telling them how to live their lives so they came to the new world.  As colonists, the Commoners grew tired of the King of England dictating how they should live and raising their taxes without representation.  We only take someone else’s direction for so long before we say stop, we’ll find a better way.  Yet there’s always a group of people, the ruling elite, who believe they know better.  They want control because they probably truly believe they know a better way because they are smarter, and we should listen.  If we don’t agree first, they’ll try manipulating our response through sympathy like Obama’s defense of his health care package, “I’m just guilty of not explaining it as well as I should have”.   Next, they’ll play on our fears by building some non-event into a crisis until it is at a fever pitch.  They’ll ridicule anyone who disagrees, shutting down all forms of discussion, and then the solution will involve some process that only the government can provide unless it’s a business directly tied to a member of the government.  Depending on the level of buy-in they may tell a completely made-up result, as they did over the weekend on the weekend news circuit, republican voters are in favor of the +$2T infrastructure even though the republican lawmakers are not, but they’ll offer no documentation.  These are the way they impose their will on us, by telling us it’s for the good of all.  If you look at current headlines you can see it’s happening right in front of us.  But please don’t accept the headlines, actually read the news reports because the report may not always mirror the headline.

During the last administration, we heard rumors of a conspiracy between Russia and Trump.  First off Russia is struggling on its own with a poor economy and very oppressed citizens.  How would they have mounted a serious threat to the US at the time?  Were they going to threaten us with their military, perhaps fund an attack on us by one of the middle east countries?  Not likely, and an honest press would have questioned this but because the American public didn’t choose their woman for the top spot, they abandoned any semblance of objective journalism.  The democrats worked this angle hard, rolling out Representatives Schiff, Nadler, and Swalwell to raise the crisis level and make the president bend to their will.  This didn’t work well at the time because it really wasn’t a concern plus it was hard to take the 3 reps seriously, the press and the representatives pushing it just looked silly.  Concurrently, another minor incident began reaching a fever pitch after misleading reporting of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri began to trend.  Supposedly Michael Brown raised his hands as he walked to the deputy and said, hands up, don’t shoot, (that actually did not happen according to court documents).  Even though the BLM was actually founded in early 2012 it didn’t reach notoriety until the Michael Brown incident in October 2014 when anti-Israel activists, (Antifa), joined the riots.  When the dust finally settled if you didn’t support the BLM then you were automatically considered a racist.  Many small business owners around the country were threatened with protests if they didn’t hang a BLM sign in their window as a show of support.  This is arguably the juncture where a non-racial issue became a racial issue and a police officer defending himself was viewed as a bad thing.    The absurdity of this narrative was becoming evident in 2018 with the Antifa riots in Portland and the Autonomous Zone in Seattle.  Instead of calling for the Police to shut down the riots a movement to defund the police got a major boost all because of the fear generated from being labeled a racist.  For the same reason, we’re learning to accept their narrative and not question it because it’s for the good of all.  This principle was put into full force last April when “for the good of all” our personal freedoms were summarily removed as an emergency declaration.  Fortunately, this was not a Federal mandate but was left up to the individual states to take responsibility for their citizens.  The worst aspect was any discussion contrary to the democratic stated government line it was considered unhealthy and subsequentially censored.  And if the president said it then anyone who agreed with him was considered not credible, (remember the ridiculous statements about hydroxychloroquine from Neal Cavuto?).

The principles we learned in our youth, prior to 2008, are being turned upside down.  Now we hear the police who protect us are bad and should be dissolved.  Fences don’t protect you unless it’s the People’s House in Washington DC.  Being white is racist and it always has been so even though relationships were improving measurably in 2000 they weren’t really getting better.  Even though minorities, including blacks and women, were employed at a higher percentage of the population over the last 2 years, than any time in the last 30 years, racism is subjectively on the rise.  Where do we go from here?  The democrats see an opportunity, with its slim margin in the House, to capitalize on this racism issue as well as the “non-violent” riots.  A peaceful protest where no fires were lit, nor police attacked, was considered violent in the extreme and from which some of the peaceful protestors are still in jail.  The National Guard is still on duty at the capital, ensuring no one gets into the People’s house.  The last example to illustrate these points is the justification for the infrastructure bill and the increase in taxes to pay for it.  The democrats now claim increasing taxes is for the good of us all and the tax cuts put in place during the last administration were bad.  Increasing taxes takes away disposable income and makes it harder to exercise our personal freedoms while, reducing taxes creates jobs, allows competition for better-paying jobs, and improves our autonomy and overall freedom.  I guess that’s why they want more taxes.   

We’re letting the Woke folks change the definition of words we’ve used all our lives.  As Mr. Buttigieg stated recently, infrastructure means all things, internet, health care, elder care, low-income housing in middle-income neighborhoods, EV batteries, but apparently not border fencing, or oil pipelines.  Racism apparently, only refers to whites.  Violence only occurs if the perpetrator is white or conservative and if you identify as a democrat then setting fire to a police car is not violent.  Conservatives supporting the police and/or marching respectfully in a large group, as Dr. Martin Luther King did, is considered violent.  Those of us who understand what a sacrifice the founding fathers made, (reference an article describing their sacrifice individually), the sacrifice of our veterans, the uniqueness and independence of our country need to speak up respectfully, with candor and goodwill to our friends, to the press, and to our politicians who insist on defending the woke folks who are pushing this racist-victim agenda.  There are actual truths in this world, people of color are not stupid, they are independent and innovative, they are hardworking, and they don’t like being manipulated by power-hungry politicians any more than the rest of us.  We all need to apply Critical Thinking to our everyday lives and call out the inequities to our representatives and in general, speak up and be heard. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and most importantly thinking about what I’ve written whether you agree or not.  Understand the issues and don’t take the politician’s, reporter’s, or news anchor’s words for anything without first understanding how they lean and without verifying they’ve told you the entire story, not just the angle that justifies their story.  Also, I would appreciate it if you would sign up to receive the articles when they’re published.  All feedback is welcome, but candor and goodwill change minds.

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