The Uniqueness of America – what happens when the generation of the “Safe Space” graduates from College?


The US has exported so many amazing innovations and has been responsible for bringing a benefit to all of society over the last 200+ years.  In short, the world is a better place now because of the influence of the US.  We have not done this by ourselves, to be sure, but take a moment and imagine what the world might be like if instead of the founding fathers establishing the representative government that we currently have, they had established another monarchy or a dictatorship.  At the time of our revolutionary war, there were no governments in the world based on a truly representative system whereby anyone could conceivably become part of the government.  Until then all the known governments were based on some form of a ruling class and if you weren’t born into that class then you would be part of the group that supported and serviced the ruling class.  Conventional thinking at the time believed the commoners, (us), were incapable of ruling themselves.  Chaos would surely breakout and everyone would suffer.  Only the established ruling class is smart enough to bring about order and discipline.  That sounds familiar to the actions of a few of the people in power these days.

With the advent of the discovery of the new world an opportunity for the independent thinkers of the world to create something new arose.  The people who came to this new world weren’t hesitant to try and make a better place for their families.  They were adventurous, to say the least, and through hard work and at considerable risk, they were successful in establishing a new way of thinking.  These people took on the challenge of governing themselves after roughly a century and a half living long-distance from the formal government influence.  The government the Founding Fathers came up with was for the people and by the people.  By our standards today it wasn’t perfect but it established a means that the weaknesses could be strengthened, inequities could be eliminated and everyone would have an opportunity to make a better life for themselves if they applied themselves.  There were missteps along the way like the Jim Crow laws, legalized slavery, and segregation to name a few.  Because we have been able to discuss issues openly we’ve been able to remove these obvious inequities to make a better society.  It would be fair to say most of these types of inequities have been imposed on all of us because a few people were intent on amassing as much control and power to themselves as possible.  By coming together as a society and electing representatives who put others before themselves we have survived some very difficult times in the past.  Now we find ourselves facing another difficult time created by a few people attempting to gain control over the rest of us to tell us how to live and what is best for us.

The importance of our ability to discuss ideas in an open forum cannot be overemphasized but in today’s climate, we can’t do that without worrying if one of the recent college graduate snowflakes might take our words the wrong way and decide it’s their right to punish us.  Why do we need to discuss ideas?  When you live in an echo chamber where only your own ideas are heard you create only monochrome ideas, then very little sounds ridiculous as long as it’s contributed by someone from your echo chamber.  This past week Bill Maher was opining how there must be something between an authoritarian government like China that tells everyone what to do and a representative government that can’t do anything.  There was not a large outcry over the statement because the echo chamber accepts him.  It seems he is one of those who do not believe the common man is capable of governing himself.  The representative government can’t do anything.  Is that the problem or is it that we have so little discussion about what has been done?  There is plenty of discussion about what a terrible person Trump is but very little discussion about the impact he has or how so little was accomplished during Obama’s administration.  How about Nancy’s blockage of legislation designed to help those people adversely impacted by the China flu shut down.  I pointed out facts and figures concerning the economics surrounding the Bush, Obama, and Trump economies and was dismissed by some with a simple comment about drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  Not much thought put into that comment, don’t need to explain anything because the echo chamber provides all the explanation anyone should need, right?

This is a good place to start the discussion.  The actions of our society tell us it’s ok to indulge our college students with safe spaces so they don’t have to be offended by life, take absurd courses like The Philosophy of Star Trek for thousands of dollars instead of learning a skill to earn a living, and when life gets too tough for them, then require everyone else to pay their college bill.  The representative government Bill Maher disrespects so much has provided the easiest life anyone in history has ever experienced.  This “do nothing” representative government has done so much for us and the world that we now have the freedom to be irresponsible and believe it’s a right.  Our college professors and our “so-called” journalists, (masquerading as editorialists), no longer confront anyone or discuss controversial ideas.  It’s so much easier to ridicule and marginalize the discussion than think through an intelligent counter-argument.  Thinking through the argument potentially exposes us to being wrong or, “heaven forbid”, we have to change our point of view.  Our educational system has completely failed from middle school through college.  The teachers and professors no longer teach Critical Thinking and are more interested in garnering positive feedback from the students, no one should feel bad because they aren’t as good as someone else.  What a ridiculous culture we have created and we’re seeing the fruits of our labour with these emotionally stunted child-adults who are offended when the rest of the world doesn’t hold their opinion of life.  After all, like AOC, they have thousands of followers so they have to be right.  We all know these people as the Cancel Culture and if we aren’t careful about what we say and do, there is a chance we may not get that next job.

Whether we are aware of it or not we have been seeing the results of this for the last 1-2 decades.  It was evident to some extent during the election of Barack Obama when our “Glorious Press” failed to vet President Obama and the philosophy surrounding him.  Then when Hillary Clinton ran there was very little discussion of her policies and how she would deal with the market or foreign policies.  Four years later we are discovering some shocking information regarding her time as the secretary of state and some questionable practices of her campaign.  Why didn’t this information come out?  Where is today’s version of Woodward and Bernstein to expose the hypocrisy, let alone breaking the law?  Hillary and Barack were a part of the press’s echo chamber so there was no need to question them.  There was no discussion to find a better way of doing anything and anyone who might challenge the status quo, Romney, McCain, Trump, were quickly dispatched.  Then, when the voters finally found someone who had the strength of character to lead and challenge conventional wisdom they throw a temper tantrum just like a 3-year-old might.  When did we lose our objective journalists?  We now have someone in office who is only a figurehead.  How many times did Biden have to answer intelligent, difficult questions about anything substantive?  For that matter, how often did Biden call for lids?  If there were honest and open discussions does anyone really believe President Biden would have been elected?  Everything coming from the Biden Administration is from the snowflake staffers and graduates from Universities that endorse courses like “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”.  It’s time for us to question what is being fed to us by the Administration and echoed without thought by the press.  It’s time to be disgusted with the Press and the Cancel Culture canceling our books, our heritage, our chance to discuss new and different ideas to improve on our increasingly monochrome philosophy.  Let’s get the comedians back so we can have a fresh look at our life.  Comedians like George Carlin, Rich Little, and Don Rickles who would point out when we were downright ridiculous in our opinions and philosophies.

Thanks for taking the time to look this over and think about our everyday life.  Our Press has become lazy and is more interested in being with the popular people than in discovering the truth.  They don’t care about science, they don’t care about knowledge, only if the popular kids like them.  What can we do?  First off, get disgusted with the reporting, you’ll make the appropriate changes from there.  Have a great day!!!!

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