What would life be like without extra magnification of manufactured drama?


It’s been a short time since the last commentary article, a lot has been happening during this time but there has been much less inane stupidity coming out to the press during this time.  So, what’s been happening to reduce some of this?  Hurricane Harvey came to visit, a seemingly small event which took a turn for the worse and stayed around a little too long, unloading mountains of water all across the SE Texas coast and moved up to Louisiana and now this small event is enormous.  Too be sure some of the reporting that has been done is worse than silly, such as when one of the reporters interjected emotion in a situation that was already chock full of emotion, but most of the reporting has been well placed and informative of the progress of the hardest hit areas or soon to be hit hard.  The thing that struck me as I look back on the whole event was how people on their own, without the media and without major government support, jumped in to help those in their community who needed the help more than those who were giving the help.  Watching the coverage, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of the people helping actually had it worse than those they were helping but chose instead to jump in and help instead of waiting for the government to rescue them and then commiserating their own tough situation.  This is what has made the United States of America the great nation it is and still remains, despite the declarations by Rev Wright, Michelle O, BLM, Rev Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, La-Raza.  This country was not built on victims or the victimization they all talk about.  It was not built by people who needed a break from life, who couldn’t function without their safe space.  Instead, it was built by people who could function in the face of adversity, who thrived on the challenge of life.  These are people who took adversity as a fact of life, they knew others didn’t necessarily think like them and in fact actually hated them for who they were.  These were results oriented people, people who understood that they needed to take care of their families but that sometimes helping others was the way to improve things for their own family and that in all cases being completely dependent on others is the surest way to make life worse for their own family.

What hasn’t been happening is we haven’t been hearing about the attacks of Antifa, (anti-fascist for those not familiar with the term) on the college campuses, White Supremacists demonstrating in our cities, Rev Wright trying to tell us Trump is so self-absorbed he gave $1mm from his own account to the relief so it would be about him, the BLM telling us we’re all racists, and so on.  Instead, we’re treated to some of the most amazing examples of what it means to be a citizen of the US.  Stories about the struggles of ordinary people and their response to real adversity not some manufactured drama.  Racism and oppression are very real and it’s necessary to remove them as much as possible from the US mindset, but our responses and discussion of them need to be kept in context and perspective.  This comes primarily from the minority of people in this country and it is something that doesn’t care what ethnic background you come from.  There are racists of every color and oppressors from the ranks of any group that has the opportunity to oppress someone else.  It comes from people that have a very narrow definition of “correct thought” and it comes from people who are more interested in retribution, revenge and retaliation then what it takes to build a future, correct the mistakes we all make and coming together with people of differing backgrounds to make something more than they had.  What do the people represented by Antifa and the White Supremacists have in common?  From my observations, they both have a single-minded drive to force anyone who does not think their way, change to their way of doing things or forever be oppressed.  Sort of like the very large but fringe, radical Muslims who are also unable to live with multiple ideas or the Necromongers, (The Chronicles of Riddick) who blatantly tell everyone they contact, “convert or die”.  The founding fathers fought against this concept and for the idea that people of different backgrounds could come together and build something greater than themselves.  They knew by bringing all the different experiences of people together they could build something far superior than they could individually or that they could even imagine.  I doubt they themselves had a clue what it would look like but I’d be willing to bet they all understood it would be better because of the differences.  Now it seems if you can’t see what the end will look like then you can’t begin because who knows how bad it will be, (Kinda negative), and “The Bogeyman’ll get you” Oooooo, better not do that.  I’ve talked about it before; the naysayers always have it easier because they don’t have to come up with ideas they just have to shoot down everything that others come up with.  Personally, I think it’s time we all “man up”, start thinking for ourselves and not let the press or the individuals we have elected lead us around by our emotional, drama filled noses.  I believe it was Chuck Yeager who said there aren’t problems only opportunities for those willing to see it and work for it.

Getting back to my point, it’s necessary to show the results of oppressive attitudes that the White Supremacists and dare I say the BLM, (with apologies to those few in the organization who do want discussion rather than shutting everyone else down with claims we are all racists who do not agree with everything they say and do).  But don’t make it more than what it is, pockets of narrow minded individuals who do not represent what the US is about.  The fine people of Texas have demonstrated beyond any doubt, or MSM, that we can all work together even with our differences, for the betterment of us all and it will get done whether or not the government is on the scene or not.  What a great example of how this country is great.  We have the freedom to believe in something other than what the government says we should and we have the freedom to move around and act in our own best interest.  So we did, strangers saw someone in need and they just jumped in to help, they didn’t run to the local authority and tell them to do it, THEY DID IT.  We’ve been painted by the Reid’s, Pelosi’s, Sharpton’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s of the world as helpless (“You didn’t do that”), narrow minded, racists that couldn’t function unless the government was there to guide us.  What I sincerely believe is we need less of BLM, and media histrionics and more of just the facts.  We’re intelligent individuals who really do understand right from wrong and really aren’t interested in oppressing or being oppressed by our countrymen.  

The next time the press takes liberties with a well-intentioned statements of conviction call them on it anyway you can.  There are examples of it on every channel I visit, but most of all we all need to have discussions.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope I’ve given you some things to think about and notice when someone else is attempting to manipulate you.

2 thoughts on “What would life be like without extra magnification of manufactured drama?

  1. YOU HAVE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD ONCE AGAIN!!! Isn’t it incredible how Americans help each other? Let’s hear more about that and less about the negatives!!!


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