The Arrogance of the Righteous Media; they’re never wrong


Cronkite thats the way it might be_200The press has decided that it is the voice and conscience of the people.  They are there to explain what our leaders say because as Judy Miller intimated this morning we are too stupid to really know what was said, whether directly or “between the lines”.  Judy had the gall to say it was important what the VP Pence DID NOT SAY in his discussion of both the Venezuela and North Korea issues.  Pence did not specifically mention anything about the military option still being on the table, so this meant VP Pence was a much more measured person and that he is a more reasonable diplomatic voice.  We have lived with a measured tone in diplomacy and in dealing with foreign entities since George Bush 1 and you can see where it has gotten us.  The Russian SALT treaties managed to significantly reduce our defensive weapons and offensive weapons, resulted in Baltic states being attacked and overrun by Russia, even before this latest round.  We didn’t send the missile defense system to Georgia as promised, Iran has nuked up, China is building military islands in the So China sea, ISIS has taken over for Al Qaeda in the vacuum left behind and North Korea now has deliverable Nukes and is well on its way to selling the technology to Iran.  Soft negotiations told us a war with Sadam Hussein would take months and thousands of solders lives to defeat and the press, in its “infinite wisdom” told us the environmental impact from Sadam setting all the Kuwait oil wells on fire would take years to get under control and the land and cities would be virtually uninhabitable for decades.  Needless to say the later didn’t happen, (Kuwait in 8 days and capping the burning oil wells in 6-9 months), but the former did happen.  It’s nice to have someone experienced in negotiations and setting up the opposing side to accept our terms, not their or the press’s terms.  

Given Judy’s experience reporting around the world I had really attributed much more intelligence and much less prejudice or naivete to her.  This is a problem of many in the press, most of them happen to inhabit MSM places like CBS, NYT, NBC, MSNBC, Washington Post.  It indicates a level of arrogance that I find astounding because it is obvious she is letting her prejudice overload her thinking to the point I can no longer take her serious as a journalist, she is no more than an editorial writer.  Her opinion reflects the opinion of many others that what is required is a person who won’t offend their, (Judy and other elites), sensibilities and someone who will use genteel language instead of the language the rest of the world, (outside the European Union that is) understands.  Apparently, we need a someone who can be an “elitist” diplomat skilled in talking about a subject without ever saying anything and then come back to the American public and tell us they just did us a favor.  This is exactly how we got into the situation we are now in.  The leaders of the problem countries like Russia, Iran, No Korea, China all understand Trump, they might prefer the diplomatic speak because it leaves lots of room for negotiation and their own interpretation, but Trump doesn’t leave any wiggle room.  Ronald Reagan said what he meant and meant what he said and Judy apparently doesn’t understand that.  As consumers of the news it’s  time we started  thinking for ourselves and it’s time we reject the press re-interpreting what our elected officials just finished telling us.  It’s time the press started doing their job and reporting the facts.

Given Judy’s response to the speech by VP Pence, I’m sure Judy would have the same response to President Trump’s speech later in the afternoon when he said all racism is evil including the white supremacists, the nationalists and others.  What he did not specifically say, but was intimated, even racism expressed by Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, La Raza, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), etc. is also evil.  But I don’t expect her to say that because that would mean giving Trump credit for something and I haven’t seen anything recently from her to indicate she is able to do that.

We get so caught up in this rhetoric and this narrative by the press that we miss what has happened in the last 200 days, namely job market is heating up, stock market is up over 20%, from 18,000 to the current high of 22,000 since the election.  By all accounts we’re all doing much better than we were for the preceding 10 years, yes 10 years.  We weren’t doing great in the last couple years of Bush but it was still better than the last 8 years with a near flat economy, which is what I call 1% growth no matter what shade of lipstick you use on that animal.  I have been very involved in two different industries, oil and gas exploration and retail fashion.  One is effected by the strength of the dollar, (weak dollar raises the oil prices), but is part of what is considered a necessity, and the other is mostly a luxury dependent on expendable family funds.  The oil and gas exploration has found ways to make things work in spite of the lower oil prices, (prices of services were forced down so drilling and exploration could continue), but the fashion industry is wholly dependent on the expendable cash families have on hand.  If there is no excess cash after food, utilities and gas then no new clothes and that’s what’s happened for 8 years, scores of stores have closed their doors permanently.  Now the market’s up and people have extra money to spend so things are getting better in the fashion industry, the remaining stores are ordering more and online stores are doing better.  But this is not the story you’re hearing because the press doesn’t want to report it.  They’re telling us we need to be focused on Russian Collusion and that Trump wasn’t forceful enough, soon enough condemning racist groups.  I’ve isolated Judy for today’s discussion but, the re-interpretation has been around for years and has always reflected the reporter’s prejudices.  Reporters like Walter Cronkite, (the Viet Nam Tet Offensive was a failure), Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and my favorite, Ted Koppel, (Blacks in South Africa have to register with the SA Government).  Ask questions, look around and question what the press is reporting and what the Press says is important.  More and more they’re trying to lead us around by the nose.  By the way, the latest report coming out indicates the Russian hacking footprints on the DNC were synthetically built and the “hand picked” forensics team from the FBI, CIA and NSA, put together to investigate, either missed it or ignored it because the “hacked” information was downloaded at a rate inconsistent with known internet speeds.  Given how the Hillary camp redirected the narrative from the substance of the e-mails to just “it’s Russian meddling”, it’s at least a distinct possibility.  Since I don’t buy into the conspiracy philosophy and this comes dangerously close we’ll have to see how it develops, but given the apparent collusion between the press and all things democrat it’s at least worth watching.

These articles are intended to get everyone to stop and think about what we hear from the press every day.  Thanks for taking the time to read it and please give me your thoughts, agree or disagree it’s good to discuss things.

One thought on “The Arrogance of the Righteous Media; they’re never wrong

  1. I loved your wording “whatever shade of lipstick you put on the animal”. Wish we had a second newspaper still in Denver. At least we MIGHT get some conservative views. The Post is so can NEVER read anything good about our President. It is disgusting!

    And, when did the press have the right to actually have opinions?!? I thought their job was to report!! Great article, Bill.


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