Holding the Media and the Politicians to a Higher Standard


Holding the Media and the Politicians to a Higher Standard  CNN laughable_200V_07132017

There something terribly wrong when we allow the press to draw conclusions about what is happening and what conversations are being conducted. I’m talking about the “2nd” Trump/Putin meeting at the G20 Summit. The MSM is all “a-twitter” someone said, someone saw Trump and Putin having another meeting after their 2 hr marathon meeting and how inappropriate it is. There was no other US official present to “help” Trump understand what Putin was telling Trump through the interpreter. Listening to the reporter talking about the meeting I’m thinking OMG what’s Trump doing, he’s going to give away the country. He has no one from the State Department guiding him in these negotiations, and what’s he doing relying on a Russian Interpreter, this will not end well…….OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, (as mom used to say), he’s been in more negotiations with foreign business leaders with just as much, if not arguably more, on the line than Obama and Clinton combined in the last 8 years and we all know how well that turned out. Reading the Times article and listening to Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group, who 1st reported that one of their people attending the G20 dinner saw Trump and Putin sitting by themselves discussing something, was somehow inappropriate. The rest of the segment was devoted to how the State Department would have to go in and clean up the mess that would surely result from Trump not having 1) our own interpreter & thus our own record of the meeting and 2) someone from the State Department advising Trump on the real state of our treaties, sanctions and who knows what else. Wait a minute I seem to remember something about “…. After the election I’ll have a lot more freedom to negotiate… ” WOW, now that’s some STELLAR negotiating technique (TIC), or I think there was another time where there was something about a reset button, where Putin actually had to ask if he was supposed to push the button for some reason. As I recall, in that news clip Putin actually broke from his traditional poker face and had an expression of utter amazement at the idiocy of the moment. Of course the “pundits” and reporters all talked about the light hearted moment and how skillful Clinton handled Mr. Putin and these negotiations but that just highlighted there ignorance of serious people and what is considered a waste of time. Remember we’re talking about another culture and you don’t use American nuances to understand other cultures. Serious people respect serious actions and serious considerations, not time wasting activities.

As the reporter discussed it there was a lot of hand waving and gesturing in this meeting which, he said with authority, was not present at meetings with our allies. Obviously, the Allied leaders thought, “We don’t have this good of a relationship with Trump”. Whoa, this guy’s good, he knows what the allied leaders are thinking and even knows when they’re jealous. Hmmmm I thought he said he wasn’t at the G20 dinner and had one of his people report this meeting to him? To be honest I guess I’m insulted that a) Ian Bremmer would assume I, (a listener and reader of news), would be dumb enough to believe his interpretation of the events and b) the interviewer on the news program did not call him out on his obvious opinion of what was going on.

There really is a new attitude in town, (political town), and the elitist establishment democrats and republicans, (“can you say Never Trumpers”), are beginning to show their true stripes. Seems to me the anchors, reporters and long time politicians have become used to dealing with issues and situations like a bureaucrat. You negotiate so no one feels bad or has hurt feelings instead of just allowing someone to save face in the negotiations, there is a big difference. Trump comes to town and works his dealings like a business deal with a specific goal in mind knowing how much he can give and knowing just how much the guy on the other side of the table can give up as he knows himself. I certainly don’t believe the majority of political reporters understand this, so they feel justified in interpreting Trumps actions under the old understanding of how to do things. You know many of them just don’t like Trump in the first place so why do they think they understand what he is thinking and doing when they don’t like him anyway?

We’ve all heard the politicians tell us for years how much they’re looking out for us and how much they’re doing for us and yet when I look around I have to ask how much better off I am now than I was 8, 10, 12 years ago? I’m doing a lot better than most but the economy has stagnated at best, the regulations are on steroids and our freedoms have never been assaulted like they are now. There are a lot of things I would like to see Trump doing differently and the business approach to government needs some adjustments but we’re not doing things the same way we did for the last 25 years and already we’re seeing tremendous improvement. Overall I’d have to say change is good for us, let’s work from this new base and improve in the same direction we’re now going. That means listening to the reporters or politicians, with a critical ear and when they start ignoring facts and telling us something different than what we just heard it’s time to find another source for our news. It’s time to get on social media and respectfully calling them out on their misstatements, calling them out on their “unnamed sources” and in short demanding better quality reporting – no more drama. If you’re like me you have more than enough of that already. Thanks for reading!!!

One thought on “Holding the Media and the Politicians to a Higher Standard

  1. Bill, I have only read the one article so far, but you are so RIGHT ON! I really like the way you write..factual and straightforward. Obviously, I’m in Trump’s corner to begin with but I learned a lot from reading this.


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