Honesty in Journalism or Professional “Safe Spaces”?


Honesty in Journalism or Professional “Safe Spaces”?

Ever had the feeling that you’re missing something but you can’t put your finger on it? Something about all the press coverage has been bothering me. The argument put forth has been so compelling for Trump to lay off the Fake News issue and quit going after the media so negatively so he can focus on the important issues troubling the country like Climate Change for instance. He needs to quit “stepping” on his achievements with his twitter account. Then it hit me, after this latest tet-a-tet involving what was called disrespecting the press while the President was on foreign soil, Trump is actually getting things done and it’s the press themselves that are so distracted they no longer bother to tell the American people what is actually happening in our government and the changes being done. For much of the recent history we’ve had Presidents who haven’t done much for the American People because they’re focused on their own well-being (their own selfish interests), but they’ve done it with the proper etiquette, the kind you would expect fine gentlemen and gentlewomen of the high society to have. Now we’ve got this ruffian in office who does and says things that might offend someone or make them feel put down somehow. This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable to the sensitive feelings of the press, (remind you of something? like the college children who must have their “safe spaces”).

So the press, with the help of the liberals and “never Trumpers”, refuse to do their job and report on legislations being passed, jobs being created, markets that are growing at a higher rate than anything seen since well before Obama. They are also refusing to do a story on how the Clinton’s made a deal with Russia to sell them rights to the Uranium in the US. Can you tell me how far the investigations into the coincidental murders of Vince Foster and Seth Richards has come, (ref. Honesty and Integrity – Pillars of the American Media 05/14/2017). Did you hear that we’re able to export oil? We’re close to being able to export natural gas and possibly get some LNG plants built. Since the greenhouse gasses have dropped significantly since we’ve been using more natural gas I’ll bet the press is preparing to release a number of reports on these facts, (I’ll hold my breath – not!). I know, they’re about to put out a report on the health care covering how the Democrat party has said they want to help do something for the American public since they’re first attempt w/ single payor type effort was such an unmitigated disaster they don’t want the “deplorables” to suffer anymore. Hmmmm not likely since their narrative is we are too stupid to understand the healthcare and “… we really need to pass it to know what’s inside it”.

Instead of this kind of reporting we hear how Trump won’t bring up the Russian attempted influence of our elections and the Russian interpretation of the meeting is different than Trumps? I’m sorry but that last one falls into the category of “Captain Obvious”. If that is considered news worthy then I’m afraid they’re not intelligent enough to be considered a reporter, come on people. They’ve “leaked” false narratives to the Press intentionally to misdirect us for the last several decades why is this news to you. Even Tom Brokaw was smart enough to know that.

If the reporters do begin to report on real stories (as opposed fluff pieces not “fake news”) can we trust them to report it honestly? There is a story out today on the wording the AP requires of it’s reporters suggesting they must use certain words and phrases for uniformity and consistency. For example a single terrorist that cannot be linked directly to one of the terrorist organizations must be referred to as a “lone wolf criminal” even though he happened to say “Ala Akbar” during the incident. To me that is terrorist and a radicalized terrorist at that. Another example is a number of reports came out this past year describing riots in the street or attacks on individuals but surprisingly they left on whether the perpetrator was someone of color or ethnic persuasion unless they were clearly Caucasian. Talk about a racist attitude, I’m sorry but if a problem exists and it is not described correctly are we then looking for a correction for the correct issue? Nothing good ever comes of that except the people who need help, (black, brown, white, yellow, red) will never get the help they need and that’s sad. Come on press/media, step it up. Get rid of those who can’t do the job correctly because they only make the truly good ones look like derelicts.

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