Is it a lie or a misdirection?


Is it a lie or a misdirection?

Transparency, this is the least transparent administration that we’ve seen in recent history! Wait, … no not quite, if you remember there were meetings in private offsite places where there wouldn’t be any documentation for the FOI to discover, meetings on runways and who else knows what was missed by the press (once in a while they do a half-assed job), that was the Obama administration. I just listened to Isaac Wright, a democratic strategist, make the statement that this is the most secretive administration in history. Why would he make a claim like that and then to make a follow up statement that the health care bill is only a tax break for the rich at the expense of the poor when in fact the vaunted ObamaCare leaves those same people with less than they had before the ObamaCare was put in place. In order to believe these statements a person would have to suspend everything. First off, the healthcare bill is being discussed only by those congressmen & women who are genuinely interested in improving what is offered to the rest of America. The rest are hiding behind Chuck Schumer and his ridiculous overstatements. If you really think the democrats have been blocked from participating in the building of the healthcare bill then you’re ignoring basic human nature. The republicans would love to be able to say this is a bipartisan effort but that will never happen under the current Washington identity politics because they believe it is to their advantage, (note: their advantage), not our (the American public), advantage. With the Democrat leadership it is all about them because they know what is better for all of us than the unwashed masses, (deplorable masses). I don’t include the republicans because as a whole there is so much more diversity in thought than the democrats. Of course, you can pick out specific individuals who seem to be power hungry, but as a whole the republicans realize the smartest person in the room is not an individual but a group who can entertain other people’s ideas and it might not be just theirs. As for those democrats hiding behind Chuck Schumer they are so weak, or just lazy, they can’t even get their ideas out there and it’s time to vote those “weak links” out of office and get someone who actually has adult abilities instead of the 3rd grade mentality we’ve seen over the past 8 long years.

So the question of lie or misdirection is still hanging. I believe it is intentional misdirection intended to move the conversation back to having a government “thinking” for us, (bigger government-the democrat way). So, the more they can make it appear that independent thinking takes things away from the rest of us the more they’re able to justify a big government. If they can move the healthcare to a single payer system then they’ve effectively got an enormous government. By pushing this narrative about how many people will be “killed” by the republican bill or how it is actually “tax cut for the rich” they can paint the direction completely towards a single payer system since obviously the old system didn’t work and Obama’s attempt had problems the single payer system wouldn’t. I won’t dignify the former statement because of it’s obvious ridiculousness but the second used to be applied only to the tax reform. It appears to be a true statement on the surface but when you actually look at the facts it too is really shallow as well. I refer the reader to Thomas Sowell’s article in May this year. Dr Sowell is one of those economists who truly knows his subject and has the experience to apply it to the real world, in other words, unlike Dr Goolsbee he has actually lived through it and doesn’t have to assume away some inconvenient facts. This has actually been proven since the 20’s, more recently they’ve talked about the Reagan administration and his “voodoo” economics. The facts are the tax rates were cut, not the revenues. The revenues under Reagan were actually higher than the previous administrations. The deficit increased not because of the tax rate decrease but because the democratic congress is addicted to spending money and didn’t even hold a flat spending amount as they had actually promised Reagan they would if he approved their budget. The fact is the rich pay more than the middleclass all day long and with a tax rate cut they still ended up paying more in actual taxes than before the rate cut. Why? Because the additional money in the economy actually created more value, (the government never creates value), and this additional value actually generated more revenue. If Regan hadn’t dropped the tax RATE the deficit would have been enormous because the democrats can’t help themselves voting themselves more benefits so they can stay in control longer. I believe a big part of the reason Trump was elected is because the American public recognized the democrats running now are nothing more than little children who want more candy. Lie’s or misdirection it doesn’t really matter it is manipulation and dishonest at the base which hurts the American public.

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