Global Warming or Climate Change, is Paris the answer?


Global Warming or Climate Change, is Paris the answer?

Well as of yesterday we’re not in the Paris Climate Change accords anymore and many call this an outrage, an offense to humanity, (John Kerry, I think he’s swift boating us again), a clear sign Trump is against clear air and clean water, (Jehmu Greene). The responses remind me of a small child who was expecting a lollipop and then finding out they can’t have it so they start making all kinds of excuses on why it’s bad they can’t have their lollipop. When all the while it’s because they can’t have food on any of the Disneyland rides. OK, not being in the Paris Accords, not bankrupting the US, not destroying thousands of jobs in order to create ten’s of jobs and not sending Billions of dollars to foreign countries is a bit of a stretch to compare it with a ride at Disneyland, but the reactions of the pundits, Democratic groupies and like-minded individuals is real similar to the small child, you have to admit. I just about fell out of my chair when I heard the Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene make the statement we were headed for economic disaster because Trump had pulled out of the Paris Accords. I’m somewhat familiar with economics, having received an MS of Economics studying the works of Milton Freedman, Thomas Sowell, honestly though Mr Austan Goolsbee’s form of economics does completely baffle me as well so maybe she’s understands his economics.   That’s probably from her degree from the University of Austin or else from her experience as a community organizer. I noticed another great paragon of insight and understanding we hold in high esteem, (John Kerry), also agreed in his recent statements that Trump was helping us bankrupt the nation. For those I have insulted I apologize, this really isn’t candor and good will discussion on my part, but there is some sarcasm on my part involving the extreme statements being laid out and I really intend it as good natured. The fact that a nasty campaign was run against John Kerry that was later discredited to some extent I would have thought would give him pause to making similar outrageous claims of someone else, (Trump). I doubt many people really believe Trump wants dirty air or water for any of us so why say young children with asthma will die and why would any news agency broadcast those remarks. Jehmu is making the same claims. Having parents who left the persecution and war of Liberia I would think she would have first hand experience with the effects of extreme beliefs and people who act on them. I haven’t lived under those conditions of which I am thankful. So that leaves me to equate the action to that of a small child who can’t have their candy when they want it.

So, is the Paris Accords the answer? Well a few facts that come to mind, the US has significantly reduced our emissions since the Kyoto accords which, by the way we weren’t signors on that accord either. And we continue to reduce our green house gas emissions every year even though we weren’t signors. We’ve continued to develop new technologies which make existing common fuel sources, (you know those sources the developing and developed countries refuse to quit using), much less polluting. The amazing thing is this technology is available to every country right now but they don’t have the will to use it. Apparently polluting the earth is ok as long as you’d prefer to divert your money to the all important government officials or perhaps more weapons and military. Take a drive south out of San Antonio on highway 57 to Eagle Pass and then continue down to Nuevo Rosita and on a cool winter mornings I’ll guarantee you’ll see a brownish/black layer of dust rising in the distance as you approach the Mexico border and as you cross the border you find yourself driving through this “cloud” of particulates all sourced by the many power plants along the border. It then begins to clear up as you approach Nuevo Rosita where they have some underground coal mines, but no power plants, in the general vicinity. It’s all pretty dry in this part of the country but if you park the car and take a walk in and around the cacti after a while, when you get far enough away from the road you’ll begin to hear the sounds of what seems to be a babbling brook. In the course of working in the area a few years ago I took the time to find the source of the sound because there clearly weren’t any streams even close to this semi-arid part of Mexico. When I found the source I asked the interpreter why the dirt was being blown up an inch or two from the surface, what was causing the air to come through the dirt like that and he explained there were hundreds of core holes in the area which help them identify the extent and quality of the underground coal seam, (roughly 200-350m in depth in this area), and although they are supposed to plug the core holes with, cement most times they didn’t because this allows them the vent the excess methane gas before they actually mine this coal. They find it reduces the potential for underground explosions that their undersized ventilation systems fails to remove. Mexico’s potential is on par with the US (except for the government corruption) and they don’t attempt to capture or reduce the methane gas pollution. Why on earth are we expected to carry the load when other countries don’t make the attempt, (other than in words which are cheap). The US has done an amazing job leading the way reducing the greenhouse gas emissions whether you buy into Albert Gore’s hysterical rantings of how man is killing the planet or understand that this is an amazing world that has the ability to process and virtually neutralize natural disasters which emit in a single event more greenhouse gas than man could possibly generate in 5 years. Climate change is a real thing and as responsible stewards we should make progress always towards cleaner and better fuels but we don’t need massive redistributions of wealth into the hands of despot dictators away from the middle class America.

The Paris Accords in it’s current form does nothing to actually help reduce world pollution, but given a different mandate, such as a forum where scientists could exchange the latest anti pollution methodologies and private equity firms could work with other countries to set these technologies in motion, we might have something worthwhile. It won’t happen because it would mean taking the millions of dollars away from the individual bank accounts of the leaders of the other countries and it would in effect defund the military in many of these countries. It also won’t happen because in this country it would mean taking the message away from crucifying Trump and the press, (at least in this briefing I was watching), seemed determined no matter how silly the question to find a way to say Trump is trying to hurt future generations and tear down the moral integrity of the country. Oh ya, the Paris Accords Obama unilaterally agreed to also had a small provision allowing the international courts to sue us in their court system, not ours, if we failed to meet the standards set. Hmmmm, not a big fan of that either.

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