How things look with adults running things


How things look with adults running things

Emotion seems out of place, complex ideas are used to solve multifaceted problems, Childish antics by spoiled dictators and religious leaders are called out for what they are and bad actions actually have consequences. Plans are put in place and agreements made that countries with different philosophies can actually agree on and take action for a common goal. Amazing.

As I look at the news over the past 7 months, since the elections, I’m sensing a change in societal viewpoints. There’s a significant fundamental change in the underlying sentiment to issues of today as opposed to the last 8-24 years depending on how in depth you look at things. This change is at the same time, subtle in nature and I believe this is part of the reason the press/media are having such a problem with Trump and some of the new leadership we find ourselves with. The change I’m talking about is more of a feeling of exceptionalism. We are all truly exceptional after all and capable of individually making a difference, unlike what we’ve been fed a steady diet of. As I look back I see a slow steady progression to mediocrity where we can’t make a difference alone but must do it as a result of a whole lot of other people. Remember “…You didn’t build that company by yourself, you had help and that help is why you were successful”. Maybe in your limited world Mr. Obama but not in our world.

Ya know, anyone of the true “drivers” will tell you there was a lot of support to get where they are but those “drivers” also understand it takes someone with the exceptionalism, with a vision, with a purpose, to focus the efforts of all those who can help, who have the skills to help, in the direction necessary to make the change the drivers/visionaries/leaders are looking for. In the last 8-24 years we have slowly been taught that “we did not do “that” (whatever we succeeded at), alone”. No real “entrepreneur” truly did anything by himself/herself so they shouldn’t receive any recognition or credit or adulations greater than anyone else because they couldn’t have done it just by themselves. Whatever exceptionalism might have been present has been suppressed to the point that the people in general understand that they are a part of a bigger piece and the individualism is slowly diluted and washed away. This “group think” is cultivated by a few people, (another kind of driver who are exceedingly self-centered) and the result is the remaining people are more easily guided, (manipulated is a better connotation) into a dependency on others (remember “It takes a Village”?). The more we depend on others and the less we think for ourselves the less exceptionalism we have, the less innovation, the more someone else “guides” us to do their bidding. Political correctness is just one form of it, safe spaces and more dependency on special groups are other forms of it. Of late we’re seeing exactly the opposite, I believe and it’s beginning to take hold, much to the chagrin of Chuck Schumer, much of the press and quite frankly more than a couple of the faux-Republican congressmen/women. I would like to see and I pray this will continue for a few more months.

This trend is just something to consider, especially, I believe, when you find you get extremely angry at an individual person who believes in ideas that just disagree with your own. I for one feel such a relief and a burden is being lifted because despite Schumer’s best efforts, despite Anderson Coopers, the NY Times, Washington Post’s best efforts we are all beginning to sense this difference and making these people irrelevant. Listening to Rex Tillerson this weekend on Trumps Middle East tour I was struck with how significantly different he sounds when he talks about the things we need to do as compared to Hillary, Susan Rice and John Kerry. It’s like we finally have adults running the country who can understand and deal with complex ideas. What a relief

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