Honesty and Integrity – Pillars of the American Media


Honesty and Integrity – Pillars of the American Media

Or at least that was the idea at one time, it seems that this isn’t as important as it once was. I think Woodward and Bernstein probably held to these ideals at the time they reported on Nixon and Watergate. They revealed a side of our politicians that few of us really knew or understood. But today the reporters are trying to hang onto Woodard & Bernstein’s coat tails by calling the latest episode of Trump firing of Comey as Watergate II. I talked about it in an earlier writing, how the press seems to wake up every morning to the thought of how did Trump cheat, steal, lie or break the law lately. Instead of such a narrow minded group think they should attempt to be independent and not one up their colleagues with how much more they know about a subject but instead how they are more renaissance and can come up with new ideas. I’m pretty sure Woodward and Bernstein did just that when they caught Nixon w/ his “pants down”. I don’t remember a lot being said about the scope of the break-in but that was a different time, I actually agreed more with the Democrats than the Republicans then. Now it seems that its more about bringing down someone who dared to challenge the traditions and the power structure and who dared to bring some semblance of efficiency to the government, what is wrong with someone who would dare to think for themselves. Surely they are a low life.

The experience I’ve had in my short life is the world – especially the US in not very monochromatic in fact it’s got an amazingly rich history given our relatively short life. There’s always another way to look at a situation or a problem which will likely reveal a more logical explanation or a better understanding of what is going on. Is Trump really the “Dastardly Dan” person that so many of the establishment (Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, members of the press) want us to believe? Seems to me there is probably a story or two on what the impact of the recently approved oil pipeline in South Dakota has had, or what about that curious thing that happened around the time when all the e-mails were being released about Clinton’s Campaign. Wasn’t that the time when the whole conspiracy with Russia came about. Let’s see, do we know who first suggested it must be Trump conspiring w/ the Russians? That was almost a year ago and no one has definitively proved anything yet. If fact several investigators have said there’s nothing there, but in true Clintonian fashion they’re dissecting the precise language and what was really meant. Ah come on now, how much longer do we have to suffer through a special prosecutor demands to investigate? The special committee of the House or of the Senate, not to mention the FBI are unable to conduct an investigation on their own and can’t stand up to Trump’s influence? Are you serious? I don’t think they realize this makes Trump look like some demi-god to be able to influence all three committees investigating his involvement. Why not just admit Trump doesn’t deal with life like the Washington establishment, and that he was actually making fun of the Clinton campaign and the press when he made the comment that Russia should hack their e-mails and send out more so people would know what both the Clinton’s and the press were really all about. The Trump campaign was in such “disorder” the leak had to be from Trump’s campaign, after all I heard so much about how Obama and Clinton were so transparent and open it couldn’t be from the Dems. Then there was another strange report of a “mugging” in Washington. This time a staffer in the DNC, by the name of Seth Rich was inexplicably shot in the back outside his apartment. This was an unusual mugging as the Capitol Police found his wallet, watch, cell phone and laptop were still in his possession – strange that the mugger didn’t find any of this of enough value to take. Do I hear retribution somewhere? Wasn’t there another incident similar to this surrounding the Clintons a few years earlier? I think his name was Vince Foster if I’m not mistaken. Perhaps there’s a story in this coincidence, what happened to Seth’s laptop & cell phone, was there anything suggesting who might have wanted him dead because being mugged as an explanation doesn’t hold water in my simple mind. It seems an enterprising reporter or investigator by the name of Rod Wheeler thought this might be a story and kept after it even though he was told by the DC Police that there was nothing here and its best to move on. The story apparently came out in a fox news affiliate on the evening news of 05/15/2017. It’ll be interesting to see how far this story goes. Given all the chaos that didn’t happen in the Clinton campaign, the questions about the Clinton Charity, the enormous speaking fees Mr & Mrs Clinton commanded, I suspect there’s more of a story here than trying to damage Trump and instead screwing the country.

As I’ve stated these are ideas to get people to think about politics or society or life in a different light. If you find these comments enrage you then step back, take a breath and identify what bugs you the most and look into it in detail. In life I’ve found there is usually some truth in most things. After you’ve looked at it and all the facts surrounding it see if there is something that the idea doesn’t explain or ignores some fact in order to reach that conclusion and then let’s discuss it with Candor and Good Will.

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