War? Who’s going to War?


War? Who’s going to War?

Rand Paul just declared it was illegal for the president to send the tomahawk missiles to Syria, that this action was under the purview of the congress and they should be the ones to make that call. I am of the opinion of “Who are you kidding?” Contrary to Mr Paul’s interpretation of the Federalist Papers this action is not expressly the decision of the Congress. The President is allowed latitude to make foreign policy decisions and actions as necessary to the benefit of the United States. Therein lies the issue, is this relatively minor action an all-out declaration of war? Since we have no further troop involvement or other combat commitment then I would have to say no. By referring back to the Federalist papers Mr Paul indicates he sees the importance of historical reference. From this I would suggest our actions against the Barbary Pirates would have more of a requirement for declaration of war than this minor activity and we certainly began the action before congress was involved. Before anyone starts complaining about this statement keep in mind when we went to war against the Barbary Pirates communication was much different, instead of seconds or minutes to reach someone on the other side of the world it took weeks or months so the congress at that time could have had a lively debate before any military action took place. Any discussion today would have allowed Syria to prepare for the attack and would have not had any impact other than to confirm the US doesn’t have the conviction of our morals and will let anything happen. Bush’s action on Iraq is another perfect example. Congress required he get their approval (arguably appropriate) because of verified weapons of mass destruction and then while he waited for their sign on Saddam moved his weapons to other sites (some of those coincidentally were in Syria) so when we went in nothing was found. By the way for those of you who argue that my statement is incorrect I will tell you there were a number of articles written shortly afterward documenting where the weapons of mass destruction were moved to in Syria. These stories were effectively buried by the press so many times it became fact that he didn’t have any WMD. Amazing how facts conveniently seem to change when only one perspective is made and when you have those smart people tell us what we just heard. Mr Paul, let’s have a little reality included in your statements.

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