Tax Cuts for the Rich:

04/29/2017 Tax Cuts for the Rich: The only thing that could be more ridiculous than this statement is climate change is directly caused by man-made emissions. Both have the appearance on the surface of being possible and neither have any substance, both have been pushed as a narrative to help perpetuate a single ideology because … Continue reading Tax Cuts for the Rich:

Happiness, what is it?

04/23/2017 Happiness, what is it? If you look at the fashion world or Hollywood, watch most movies and TV shows it would appear the key to happiness is a combination of money, success, popularity, love and fame. Why has this developed this way? You could argue a number of reasons but it's certainly been around … Continue reading Happiness, what is it?

Bush Derangement Syndrome 2.0

04/16/2017 Bush Derangement Syndrome 2.0         It seems the press and by influence a number of other people who listen to the press are suffering from the same disability that affected so many democrats during the Bush presidency, "Bush derangement syndrome". This time, however, it seems to be affecting some republicans as well as democrats. Whenever … Continue reading Bush Derangement Syndrome 2.0

There’s a new attitude in Town

04/11/2017 There's a new attitude in Town There's a new attitude in town and the establishment doesn't like it very much. Government doesn't seem to be interested in just talking about problems and commiserating with victims anymore. The prez didn't want to sit down over a couple of beers and discuss the differences with Assad. … Continue reading There’s a new attitude in Town

War? Who’s going to War?

04/08/2017 War? Who's going to War? Rand Paul just declared it was illegal for the president to send the tomahawk missiles to Syria, that this action was under the purview of the congress and they should be the ones to make that call. I am of the opinion of "Who are you kidding?" Contrary to … Continue reading War? Who’s going to War?