Fake News


Fake News

Fake news, what is it really? Judy Miller, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist seen on the Sunday morning Fox news programs & some of the evening shows, has soberly & definitively defined it as news made up from whole cloth with no relationship to reality. She has spoken & since she has a Pulitzer and has gone to jail to protect her sources there is no need for further discussion. The matter is settled, nothing here to see, move along now.

I like Judy, she makes some good points and has a reasoned approach to her analysis. I doubt she would ever win the drama queen award, and I believe I can get to the facts by listening to her without wading through a bunch of over emotional trigger words trying to make the listener “feel” a certain way. God did give me a good brain which I pull out and try to exercise every now & then, so I like it when the people giving us the news don’t try to drag me into their alternate reality. Sort of like a thing we used to describe as a journalist…. What a concept. But in this case I think Judy is trying too hard to defend an industry too invested in telling us how & what to think that she is falling into the same trap. I’m picking on Judy only because she has put into words what other writers (you can’t really call them journalists or reporters because they don’t report facts as news, they still emote & use trigger words to elicit an emotional response and report that as news) merely infer as presumptive fact. Thank you Judy, hats off to you! What Judy describes as fake news is without a doubt fake news but it represents only a small part of the fake news. The bulk of fake news begins as an actual fact but the writer draws their own conclusion and then goes on to report that conclusion as well because they have to have more to say than that little bit of fact. There is no evidence to support the conclusion only supposition but because it was included with the fact it becomes self-evident and now the whole thing is reported on. The next reporter picks it up and runs with it because it “feels good & right” & besides the other reporter wrote it so it must be correct. Now you have the basis for good ‘ol fake news, not really a story but someone else said it or wrote it so it’s a story, even if it originated as a tweet and we all know how comprehensive and all-encompassing 140 characters can be.

Really, come on people, give your brain some exercise. Trump apparently sent out a tweet last Sunday for everyone to watch Judge Jeanen because apparently it was going to be really great. Some writer, masquerading as a reporter decided there was some bit of breaking news only the judge would have and when it turned out to be a normal program it became a news story about how Trump had so completely embarrassed himself when the judge had nothing special to report. Don’t get me wrong it was a good program I’m sure, but there was never a promise breaking exclusive news. The reporter drew a conclusion, reported it, someone else reported that & mow there’s a story that really isn’t a story about something that just wasn’t. Hmmmm-there’s lots of those out there & some of them you’d have a tough time finding the original source because so many people wrote about it opinion has become fact

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